Finally in this episode, with the help of the new boy on the block (can’t remember his name), we get to see another sad past – Otanashi-kun’s. Geeeez this anime sure isn’t very uplifting!!! It’s like pulling at our heart strings every 2nd episode!!! I must say though, I felt that they dismissed his story very quickly – kind of like “tick – done that – let’s move on” but I have to admit I wasn’t really paying attention when watching this. Anyway it just didn’t seem to impact me as much as the other characters’ pasts.

ANYWAY, just when we thought things were getting all chummy between Otanashi and the gang with Tenshi, what happens?!? Tenshi’s two-faced and she attacks Yurippe!!! What the heck is waiting for us in episode 8?!?

So far I’m still sitting on the fence with this anime…