Awwww!! This episode was too cute!! This episode focuses on what was happening back at home and school while the gang was in Kyoto frolicking!! Poor Azunyan and Ui!!! Azunyan missed the girls HEAPS and Ui missed Yui!! Felt like giving her a massive hug when she started realizing that she won’t be seeing Yui that night – the welling tears!!! I like Ui!!

Azunyan is really cute in this episode!! She tries to act sensible but succumbs to the temptation of the donuts!! hehehe Kind of reminds me of someone who would not be able to resist if I waved in front of her a box of Godiva truffles. :P

The ending was nice and heartwarming with the little kiddies jamming a little in the romantic sunset. hehehe What a cheesy line!!! Must be hanging around Sapphire Onee-chan too much!!! HAHAHA I need some Azunyan energy too!!!! hahahaha Kidding!!! AWWWW!! GROUP SQUEEZE!!!!