I LOVED this episode!!! The gang is off on a school trip to Kyoto!! Such a pretty city!! I feel like going again!! Sapphire onee-chan and gang, come join me!!!

Not only are we spoilt with pretty scenery of Kyoto (damn it!! I knew I should have gone to the Golden Pavilion when I was there like three years ago!!!), but Yui and the others are just TOOOOOO funny!! This time round, I’m afraid I think Mio creates the least laughs!

My favourite bits:

  • Sawa-chan “sensei” being silly with the K-ON! gang!!! hahaha
  • Yui’s habit of sleeping, eating, play, sleeping, eating, play etc etc. OOOOH!! Did anyone spot that pink polka dot suitcase!!?! TOOO CUTE!!!
  • OMG! The bit where Yui and Ritsu was told that by stroking the cow, it would bless you to becoming more intelligent – they sure rubbed it!!! PWAHAHAHA
  • But the ULTIMATE highlight must have been the pillow fight!! And of all people, started by MUGI-CHAN!!!! I almost choked on my own laughing when Sawa-chan appeared and they were all SUDDENLY asleep!!! AHAHAHAAHAHA TOOOOOO FUNNY!! Now I feel like a pillow fight!! Here, take THAT!!!! ^_^

Again, an awesome K-ON!! episode!!! I can’t get enough of them!! So now, raise your hands for those who would like to join me on a trip to Kyoto!?!?!!