It’s strange but typically in a story where it’s A versus B (like good versus evil), as the audience, we tend to go with the good guys, right? Cheering them on to win etc, but here, this story seems to create an opposite reaction – at least in me. Rather than cheering on the “We-are-not-dead-yet Battling Squad” (or whatever name they are called now – I lose track), I’m starting to hope that like Iwasawa in episode 3, the Battle Squad will disappear one by one – it will be like they’re finally free from the pains they brought with them when they were alive. I was half hoping that it would happen to Hinata this time but it didn’t.

It’s time for the baseball tournament in the school and the Battling Squad are participating illegally. As a result, they have to play against Tenshi’s team. No fancy machine guns or special skills, just a baseball and bat. Story focuses on Hinata’s team and it turns out that Hinata’s pain comes from baseball…

Btw, did anyone notice the new opening song? The one sung by “Yui”?? I like it!! Surprisingly, though this anime is by no way or form marketed as a music focussed story, there is actually plenty of moments where the music kind of takes you to another world (still thinking about episode 3). I’m looking forward to more of these!! Oh and I don’t mind Yui!! She’s not as cool but she seems pretty adorable!! :P