But then I have to say that episode 2 was hard to beat!! Just thinking about Ritsu scoffing down the receipt is making me laugh!!!

In episode 3, Ritsu points to us that as the drummer, being positioned in the back, her face is always darkened amongst the shadows. hehehe She looks like she has a mask on in the top left hand corner pic!! She wants to SHINE so she asks to have a go at all the other instruments. Yui is cute in that she genuinely wants to help Ritsu and goes as far as grabbing a helmet with a light to put the “spotlight” on her!! hehehe Awwww Yui is so cute!!! >_<

Mugi is pretty generous with letting Ritsu have a go at her keyboard and we get a few of her blushy/yuri/sparkly eye moments. Best of all, I think we will get to listen to a solo of her later!!! YAY!!! Mio on the otherhand just wants to stay by her bass guitar…awww…

Can’t wait for episode 4!!! Must say that Coalguys are extremely fast with the subbing!!! YAY!!