Wow…I thought the opening was quite amazing…with Tenshi playing the piano as the consistent image through out. I like the entrance with the solo piano playing too. Was it there before? I don’t recall seeing it in episode 1! I love the piano!!! ^_^ hahaha Anyway moving on…

So far, I think episode 3 is the best so far. Girl Dead Monster (don’t ask me how they came up with THAT name), the girl band, is lead by the red-haired guitarist Iwasawa. She’s cool and can really punch out some gakkoi tunes. When I have time I’m going to definitely give the music a few more listens – might even try to get hold of the single if one does appear later. BUT her rock tunes do not beat the ballad that she strums near the end. Though it is a slow piece, usually unfavoured for diversion purposes, everyone including Tenshi was drawn in by her. The lyrics are quite touching:

The ones who ignore common sense laugh

What will they lie about next?

What will be gained?

Can we hang it proud?

Man must go on regardless

That is my song

It’s because you’re crying

It’s because you’re lonely

You’re right

That’s being human

Those tears I cried

in time…

It’s so beautiful

It’s not a lie

For the real us

Thank you

I can’t believe she had such a short appearance!!!! AAAAaaaah!! Oh and I thought her voice sounded very familiar so I looked it up and guess what?! It’s Miyuki Sawashiro who also voiced Canaan!!! ::swoon:: ^_^

Although I kind of enjoy Angel Beats! – it’s different but a bit sad (especially the music within). I was still confused by what this afterworld is but k1y0 makes it a bit clearer for me. That is, it’s a place for those that cry unrest after their life has ended and it is a place for them to resolve the anger and frustration within them. Interesting – but that means that we will have to listen to many sad stories… ::cries::

I really like the music – though it’s a tad sad…