Let me first make it clear, I did not watch this anime for yuri cos I’m pretty sure there isn’t any. I watched it because k1y0’s post made it sound reasonably interesting and at the end of watching it, I agree with her view – there’s potential so I’ll keep watching.

First impressions:

  • The ART!! Oooooh looks nice!! Quality animation and looks familiar – after some digging I know why!! It’s the same production house that did Canaan!! P.A. Works!! They also did True Tears.
  • Character designs!! Not bad!! The girl that first appears has dark purple hair!! ^_^ I approve!!! *nod nod*

But then after that I found the story hard to follow. Kind of complicated. The main character here is Otonashi who wakes up without his memory and the first thing he gets told is that he’s dead by a mysterious girl who has a massive gun aimed at a seemingly innocent girl (who reminds me of Aono from Sora). The mysterious girl is Yuri (HEHEHEHE ::innocent look::), also known as Yurippe, and claims that he has to join her forces to fight for his chance to live again as a human (i’m not entirely sure on this point).

Anyway, eventually after being killed 100+ times, Otanashi agrees, really with the intention to buy himself time to regain his memory. Turns out Tenshi can really kick ass…hahahaha

*leaves it on the ‘to watch’ list

Btw, as u can see from the above screenshots, blood is generously displayed…but I wouldn’t say it’s graphic…at least not yet.