How cool are they in the ending closing sequence!??! *SQUEEEEAAAL*

This episode was seriously CRACKING ME UP!!! I was laughing so hard!! There were some REAL classic moments!! This episode was just filled to the brim with cute expressions to the max and overloaded with K-ON! goodness!! Here’s just a handful of their kawaii faces!!! I particularly like the middle bottom pic of Yui and Mugi. OOOOOH!! So CLOSE!!!! ^_____^

But the key highlights to this episode must have been:

Visiting the homeware store Ritsu looked SOOOO cute in the yellow helmet!!! Oh and Mugi with her scrubber!!! hahaha Yui is on the otherhand is absolutely bizarre!! Like when Azunyan and her were looking at the little turtle, she said out of the blue:

I want to put a peanut on its nose because it’s so cute!

I’m like “WHAT THE…!?!!” But it’s ok. It’s Yui – so that’s pretty normal for her. ::chuckle::

Then it was pawning the guitar and the handling of the money thereafter! hehehe When Ritsu ate the receipt I almost fell off my bed!!! HEHEHEHEHE I laughed the HARDEST here!!!

I can just tell I’m going to be following this anime INTENTLY!!!! I’d be STALKING for the next episode!!! hahahaha This anime is a MUST MUST SEE!!