Just when I thought the story was slowing down a tad (episode 9 & 10) and that yuri was almost non-existent even when I have my yuri goggles to the max, out pops episode 11!! Who would have thought a Roman would be an excuse for some yuri fanservice!?! HAHAHAHAHA

Lessons learnt from episode 11:

  1. When it seems like you’ve been trapped, nailed down to the floor, what do you do?? You grab your opponent’s breast!! Even a trained Roman spy/soldier would suddenly be shy and dash back to grab the covers. hehehehe But then again, depending on who the person is, they might take it as a green light…
  2. To confirm that a person really cannot comprehend what you are saying, talk dirty to them. hahaha Kanata’s expression is priceless!!! HAHAHA

But bringing us back to the central themes of the anime, Sora no Woto has proven itself to be a beautiful piece of work with some breathtaking images, likeable/cute characters, a tad emotional at times (I know some pansy shed a tear or two :P) and just simply enjoyable to watch. I must admit that it’s not my all time favourite cos it’s a bit low on yuri and I’m personally not a fan of war stories BUT it is without doubt a quality anime. The story just became better and better with every passing episode!

I particularly liked the the continuous symbolism of the trumpet. It brought to the audience, ideas of peace and tranquility as well as lovely music to our ears. I wouldn’t mind getting hold of a HD quality picture of Kanata playing the trumpet with the sun shining right behind her to be my wallpaper. I would feel so energized just looking at it everyday (behind my clutter of icons…hahaha).

I thoroughly enjoyed this anime!! If you haven’t watched it yet and you’re looking for some pretty animation with a more substantial (less fluffy) storyline, then this is probably for you!!! So far, I don’t think I’ve seen an anime this season that is comparable to Sora no Woto (not that i’ve looked at many) but if there is one, please let me know!! Thanks heaps in advance!!!!