Lililicious began scanlating this series since Dec 09 and I recall hearing about this one from Okazu but I never got around to reading it. Plus at the time I figured I’d wait till a few more chapters were out.

Now, three chapters are out and after a reminder that Love DNA XX is drawn by Taishi Zaou and Eiki Eiki who did Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (fully scanlated by Lililicious), I’m like:

“Oh reeeeally?” *raised brow + smile*

hehehehe Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter is not bad series of stories focusing on two couples. There is a light sprinkle of dodginess in there. *BEAM* ninnypanties and I have discussed this before and we both agree that it’s a manga worth having a copy for times when you are in need of a yuri fix. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, back to THIS story, three chapters is hardly a dent to the story so if you have other things to read, then u can put this on hold for the timebeing. BUT, I think it’s worth reading.

Brief synopsis

It’s 2122 and men have long been extinct. Killed off by some virus. Now, in a women only population, they are split into two groups – Adams and Eves. The Adams are trained to be in the military/government while the Eves raise kids and look after the family. Adams and Eves are united to produce children (with some artificial help). Of course, to make things a tad more interesting, no intimacy is permitted between Adams and guess what!? Our two leading characters (on the cover), Aoi and Sakura, are both Adams!! The art is a bit too rich for me but still acceptable, character designs are quite pretty and there are little bits of chibi laughs in between. Oh and Sakura is one of the three Etoile – so she’s smart and can kick ass! NICE!!! ^_^

Check it out!! Let me know what you think!!