K-ON! is BACK GUYS!!!! YAY!!!! CELEBRATION is called for!!! Minutes into episode 1 of season 2 and I know I’m going to love this show all over again!!! ^_^

The whole gang is back and it looks like that during the holidays (the break between season 1 and 2), Yui has not forgotten how to play her guitar!! In fact she is FULLY going for it!! hahaha I think Yui has the cutest expressions compared to the rest of the gang. I’m not sure why but I also feel her presence much more than the others compared to in season 1. Is it just me but she definitely seems to be leading the show!! No complaints from me!!

In this episode, although I’m basically laughing all the way, I do recall there was a story. ahahaha It’s the start of the school year and they’re trying to recruit for new members!! Let’s just say that they have weird tactics. Hmmm Moving on… Nothing to really worry about as they just confirm that what really matters is that the five of them enjoy their time together in the club. AWWWWW!!! Yui is super cute!! I love her seemingly innocent and have dazed character yet she comes out with some of the sweetest things!! Like, if they can’t find new members then Azunyan will be all on her own next year!! SUPER SWEET!!!

I can’t wait for more!!!! WATCH IT if you haven’t already!!!!! That’s a military yuri order!!!! RAWR!!! hahahaha