Ok guys – I have a few more recommendations from Lililicious’ recent releases… ^_^


This is by Chi Ran so straight off the bat, we’re guaranteed to see very cutey art, girls with flowing curly hair and massive eyes with long lashes. Her works are definitely pleasant on the eyes and I’m a small fan of hers. :P I just had a look at my Chi Ran folder and found 6 other stories that I have of hers!! hahaha

This story like most of her others doesn’t take the relationship much further than up to the confession bit but it’s a sweet read! Some of her other works are a little dodgier but are generally done relatively tastefully. Watch out for more Chi Ran reads!!!

One of my favourites is a super short but cute one called Girls Study. (*whispers: it’s a little dodgy…innocent look*) hehehehe


Rakuen ~ Collectors

This is a 2 chapter story (such a shame) and only chapter 1 has been released.

It’s short and is about two adult women complaining about each other’s spending habits. hehehe There’s no major development in the 4 page story and neither does it make me squeal with joy BUT I do appreciate these rare stories on more realistic older women. Also, the issues raised are interesting.

I wonder what happens in chapter 2??

Oh and the character designs are decent ~ I especially like the cover art. So pretty!!! ^__^


The Structural Formula of First Love

This one is pretty damn silly!!! A girl places a curse on the girl she loved (she’s pregnant) “may the child in your body fall in love with me”. Well…guess what happens? It’s silly but the ending is cute!!

That Sensation

Super super short but the art is ok…it’s just a kiss. If only there was more…

I think that’s pretty much a summary of all the better one-shots. There’s still a few ongoing stories that I need to check out so more to come…EVENTUALLY!!!! hahaha Enjoy these for the timebeing!!!