I haven’t really paid attention to the last few chapters as I find the story is just TOO slow!!! Am I the only person who thinks so?? BUT, it’s about time us yuri fans get back into Aoi Hana. Chapter 32 (as always, we need to thank Lililicious!!) brings in some new excitement into the story!!! hehehe What better than for all the girls to head to an onsen trip and bare themselves!!??! Hmm…actually that’s not a bad idea of a trip…*notes it down* *BEAM* Ooops…sorry got sidetracked!! hahaha Anyway so quick check it out!!! Now I want to know what happens in chapter 33!!! Oh and take a guess which was my favourite page??? hehehehe

Note: The picture to the left is from the manga and is an image of the train station. Hakone is one of the most famous places in Japan for hot springs. Aaaaaah!! I could do with a visit now!!!! hahahaha