When I was first watching this episode, I was busy frolicking online while waiting for it to load in another window. It soon started playing but I figured I’ll just let it keep going for a bit until they start talking and then I’ll switch back and start watching…BUT…after a little while, I thought the site had been hijacked and I was downloading a naughty video!?!! O_O x 999999999

This is what I heard…how can you blame me!?!

This was a hilarious episode!?! No real development in story or characters but hey! It was pretty funny!!~ I loooooove Noel!!! So smart and yet always so sleepy!!! hahahaha Oh and she has dazzling grey (or do you call it white) hair?! Like Shizuma’s!! hahahaha

So pat on the back for Kanata!!! She managed to complete the mission!!!

The mission to confirm maintenance, to the HQ command line, for high-level emergency situations!!!

WOAH!! TONGUE TWISTER!! hahaha A bit of a silly episode!!