I held back watching this episode for a while as I was told it’s a tear-jerker…I didn’t cry but this episode did bring us into Filicia’s past…and it’s a traumatic one. I was completely taken away by the art (once again) but in particular the melancholic and lonesome guitar in the background!! >_< Definitely need to look out for it when the OST is out. *note*

BUT, luckily the episode wasn’t all sad!! hehehe The whole gang thought Filicia was haunted by her own past but the reality was…she was traumatised by…

HAHAHAHAHAHA I love how Rio get’s played around Filicia’s little pinky!!! *BEAM* Finally, what better than a massive group hug!?! I couldn’t help but label who the picture reminds me of…*chuckle*

Gosh, I’m not sure how I can do so much catching up!! I think I will have to do one post for like 3 episodes!!!! O_O *YAWN*