WOW!!! We have time travelled to the world of old-fashion mob gangsters!!! It’s cosplay time!!! ^_^ hahaha Well KIND of!! The SoRa no Woto team gangs up with the store lady to get rid of some REAL gangsters. Something like that!! I was too busy taking screen shots!!! Pretty cool!! Oh and I like how Filicia looks quite “different” here. Kind of daaaaaangerous…!!! :P

The little side story on Yumina and Mishio is sad but sweet. Quite touching really! The little girl is so cute with her braids!!!! AWWWWWW!!!~

Finally Kanata is just plain kawaii!!! She reminds me of Yui but with a tad more grounded!!! hahaha

I’d tell them that dolpins are very scary animals that eat people.

O_O UH HUH!!! Yeah sure, girl!! Nice try!!!

I’m going to move to episode 7 shortly but I need to watch it at the right time – for example – not night time!!! I’ve been warned by Sapphire Onee-chan that it’s a tear jerker!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!