This episode was pretty damn funny in my eyes!!! hahaha The gang starts off as is they’re on a mission – looking gakkoi and all but OBVIOUSLY it’s just a practice!! Aaaaah!! I loved how Filicia managed to slip in afternoon tea into the episode!! Suddenly it made me think of Marimite and Strawberry Panic!! HAHAHAHA Now back to the post Nakayo!!!

This bit was hilarious!!! HAHAHAHA Love Kureha!!! AND NOEL!!! SO CUTE!! Noel reminds me of some character…one of few words as well…but my memory is failing…anyone care to help??

Now I know this is a bit far fetched but am I the only person that thought of Mai-Otome when watching this episode!?!? Look at the similarities!! hahahaha I must admit that they’ve swapped kick-ass Otomes for good natured young girls who look like they can’t really hurt a fly.

I know I’ve already got way too many pictures but the ones below were just un-missable!! hahaha Kanata!!! She looks like someone’s dangled a piece of chocolate in front of her!!! hahahaha And the sunset!!! WOW!!! But best of all, they managed to throw in an ONSEN when they’re supposed to be next to no man’s land?!?! *ROLLS EYES* At least the producers had us in mind!! hahahaha Loving So Ra No Wo To so far!!