I really liked episode 4!! The ending was so pretty and a little breathtaking! It’s amazing how just a little development in the story can give me that overwhelming flutter of emotions!! hahaha I mean, Kanata simply just managed to play the trumpet!! LOL But I guess she did come a long way!! :P I think it’s just the art, character design and music. The whole anime seems to carry this delicate aura to it. I like it!! ^_^

Then back to my view of the anime with my yuri-magnifying goggles on (at MAX btw!! hahaha), I’m really enjoying watching what I see as the shadows of Shizuru and Natsuki!! Hahaha Rio and Filicia!! Filicia even has a bit of the “ara!” accent in her voice!! hahaha Hmm…maybe I’ve cranked up those goggles just a BIT too much!!!

Oh and as for Noel and Kanata!! TOOO CUTE!!!!! ^_^ LOVE IT!!!