In episode 2 there is much more of Noel, the white hair girl, and Kureha-chan, the one with red ribbons in her hair. I’m liking Noel!! Hahahaha why?!? Cos she’s like me and always sleepy!!! Seems like she’s a scaredy cat too!! Hahahaha

This time round I paid a bit more attention to the voices. Guess who’s voice Rio is?!? When I first heard the voice I was like…”hmm…it sounds so familiar…” then I went wide eyed!!! It’s Maria from Maria Holic!! Ugh!! Brings back bad memories!!

I’m not sure whether I’m that desperate but I picked up a few subtle “yuri” vibes (hahaha):

  • Rio and are like Natsuki x Shizuka!! I mean Rio’s voice is more manlier but there’s a certain “couply” feel to them!! Hehehe at least I think so!! :P
  • Kana finds an old book with a page that has a pic of 3 girls holding hands *gasp*
  • This little army group bathes together!! Hahahaha How handy!! :P
  • Tight hugs between girls…I like…hahaha

So far from what others have told me (I think episode 7 is out), this is an anime well worth seeing!!! Will need to speedily catch up!!!!! *VROOOOM*