Anyone planning to say those words to a special someone?!! Awwww!! Well if you do, then a MASSIVE good luck and I’ll cross my fingers for you!!! If you don’t then it’s completely ok too!! Just grab your friends and go out and have some fun!!! GO CRAZY!!!! hahahaha Kidding!! Crazy but still safe!! ^_^ Happy Valentines Day!!

Btw, just as a side note, I went into a card shop the other day with the intention of looking at the Valentines Day cards (there’s like a whole wall of red) and it felt kind of embarrassing!! >_< hahahaha That’s kind of silly!! I did spot a cute but super cheesy card…it was a white square card and on the front was a drawing of a noughts and crosses games with a sparkly heart in the middle of the game and below it, it said… “you’ve won my heart!” AHAHAHAHAHAHA Have fun guys!!!