When I first heard of this anime, the points that attracted my attention was the character design and quality of the art. Some of the seiyuu are quite new so I’m not cluey about them at all.

Minutes into the anime I am drawn in by:

  • The art ~ pretty good quality with some rich landscapes
  • The opening theme and music within!!! It’s Kalafina’s Hikari no Senritsu 光の旋律!! Love Yuki Kajiura’s music!! It’s dramatic and flowing with emotions. I feel like she’s transported me to another world!!! Breahtaking!!!
  • Character designs ~ Kanata seems quite cute with a knack for getting lost and has a love for music (though she’ pretty awful with the trumpet) and Rio vaguely reminds me of Mio but only so so slightly!! I sense a bit of tsundere-ness in her!! Hehehehe
  • OMG for a second I thought Kanata was voiced by Aki Toyosaki who did Yui in K-ON!! Hahaha very very similar but it is a different person!!

BUT I must say that despite all the above, the story line seemed a bit heavy for me – war, soldiers, sacrifices… – not sure whether this anime will continue it’s serious tone. I’ll continue watching for a bit more as I can see more female characters entering into the picture! Who knows?! Maybe if I crank up the sensitivity of my yuri goggles I might spot something!! Hahahahaha