The ending did not bring any real surprise. For those that read the manga, we basically knew what was coming.

Few words were exchanged in this episode. It was all about Sumi and Ushio missing, longing and thinking of each other. They were separated by distance and wanted to bridge that by at least hearing each other’s voices.

It was a mellow if not a touch a sad kind of episode. The one thing I liked with this ending was that it marked the turnaround point in their relationship. No longer is the anime focussed on Sumi-chan’s feelings and thoughts but has shifted it’s focus onto Ushio. This episode was all filled with longing impressions and feelings from Ushio – much more than Sumi.

Overall, in comparison to Aoi Hana, I thinked I liked Aoi Hana more. I guess this is really no surprise as that was what I always thought when I read the manga. Aoi Hana was more deep in the emotions exchanged between the characters whilst Sasameki Koto was more light hearted with a resemblance to Strawberry Shake Sweet! (another one that I don’t really like). But having said that, I like SK a lot more after about this bit in the story.

Now all we need is season 2…I think I would enjoy it a lot more!!! *cross fingers*