OK so straight of the bat I’m going to flag to you readers that this anime is NOT yuri!! Now, for those yuri only readers, you may now choose to leave. For the rest of you that choose to stay, let’s move on!!!

They keywords that caught my eye when I read a blurb about this anime:

panties…more panties and HEAPS of panties!!!

O_O Yep! You read right!! The anime is about a junior highschool girl, seemingly nerdy looking with glasses is actually one crazy lingerie fanatic!! She is engrossed by these items and could probably write an entire thesis as to why girls should try out garters!! hahaha Kidding!! Luckily she doesn’t do that and instead decides to start her own lingerie club! Iiiiinteeeeresting…I can see Ninnypanties and Sapphire Onee-chan here almost dying to jump out of their seats to sign up to this club!! hahaha what EAGER students!!! :P (I wonder what happened to learning something a BIT more useful like hiragana and kanji?!?!) hahahahaha

Anyway, first episode is not half as ecchi as I expected it to be. Sure there’s heaps of panties shots, panties for intermissions, a slight bit of wind and “oh! there’s another panty!” but they’re not really ecchi-ly done. In my opinion at least. Looks to be funny enough! I might hold out for another episode or two but highly doubt I will follow it to the end. Not exactly my cup of tea but it might be yours!! hahaha

oh btw, be careful if you’re watching this one in public or near others. One screenshot is probably all it takes to receive a raised brow look…hahahaha