This episode was completely OFF THE CHARTS!!!! HAHAHAHA Before I dive STRAIGHT into the BEST bit, let me just quickly run through some of the highlights!!!! ^_^

First off we get some CUTE chibis of Sumi-chan and Ushio-chan!!!! OOOOOOH!! My favourites are in the centre!! :P

Then there’s a small dedication to Ushio who seems to be looking prettier and prettier in every episode!!! I must be looking at her thru Sumi’s lens…hahahahahaha Hmm…this looks like I tore a page out of Sumi’s secret scrapbook!! O_O

BUT! The BEST MOMENT in this episode is in the next EIGHT screenshots!!! >_< ARE YOU READY!?!?! HOLD YOUR BREATH!!!

It’s no wonder Sumi has that expression on her face!! I mean ANYONE would be in that STATE!! hahahaha Oh and I LOOOOVE how Ushio whispers so quietly that Sumi has to lean in to listen!!!! >_< Ushio is SUCH a tease!!!!! How can she not fall for Sumi!? *SHAKES HEAD* We are SOOOO being played here!!!! JUST GET TOGETHER YOU TWO!!!!! I INSIST!!!!! RAWR!!!