Hmm…another fairly quiet episode in terms of relationship development (Note: talking on the yuri scale here…). *sigh* Just some waving hands and arms! What the heck are they trying to say??

Sumi: Please Ushio! Can we wait till we leave school?!

Ushio: Ok! But I’m giving you only another FIVE more minutes!!

Actually! ZETTAI YADA!! I changed my mind!! I’m not waiting anymore!!

Come on Sumi…look how cute I am?? Just like a kawaii bear with puppy eyes!!

Sumi: Awww…ok I’m sorry!! I’ll do whatever you say!!!

Miyako & Tomoe: They seem to forget that there are others around…this is painful to my eyes… X_X

Happy to accept better captions for these pics!! This was just a last minute idea so it’s kind of crap!!!

There was much more focus on Aoi-san, as expected, but I would much rather they cut to the chase!!! My bad – not very patient here!! My memory on this part of this story is very vague…but I don’t recall Aoi-san’s presence placing that much strain on Sumi and Ushio’s friendship. It could just be my memory failing me. If it’s not too much trouble, please leave me a gentle reminder. ^_^

One thing I do have to say though is, what’s with the Japanese and summer holidays!?! They always seem to get to so excited about it!? They make it sound like some magic is going to happen and you will either meet your dream guy or girl!! Hmm…maybe I just had boring holidays… ahahaha

Anyway, nothing to exciting here…I hope we get to see some jealousy from Ushio soon!! : P