So I was pondering for a good while whether or not to post about this and eventually I thought…

What the HECK!?! They already know I watched Shoujo Sect…and read manga like Gokujou Drops, Hanjuku Joshi… *shakes head* And I’m SURE everyone person who visits my blog will be interested in this…might as well…

OK! So here it is!! It has been officially announced that the highly popular yuri visual novel, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo, will be made into an anime!!

I haven’t played this visual novel myself but it is known for its EXTREMELY pretty and quality graphics and…umm…you know…has certain similarities to Shoujo Sect. *looks left right* hahahahaha I first came across it when I found some doujin and I thought the character designs were very very cute. (no need for excuses Nakayo…)

Listless Ink has reviewed all the Hanabira visual novels (there are also download links available) and from what I gather, there is MUCH more of a story line compared to Shoujo Sect!! I’m actually kind of looking forward to this one (*sigh* – another “might as well” moment) but will have to see how far they take the anime!! Actually, does anyone know how explicit it will get in the anime? Will it match the visual novel?? If so then it will be quite O_O x 9999999999!!! I would honestly prefer it if they tamed it down a bit!!! I’m SERIOUS!! If you want to see what the visual novel is like, it’s not hard…just google and you will find… X_X

I know someone who has played the game so I’m asking her to do a short review so that hopefully we have a better idea on what to expect!! That’s all for now!!! *whispers: I’ll keep you posted!*