I’m back people!!! I have finished moving now!!! My family is also leaving so I’ll have my own quiet time back!!! What does that mean!?!! Of course it means plenty of CATCHING UP TO DO!!! There’s SOOOOO much to be done!!!!! SASAMEKI KOTO is on the top of my to DO list!!! OK…

This episode was pretty “AWWW” inducing for me! Kazama’s body here responded more honestly than her mind. *sigh* When will her mind catch up to her??? Well we know it takes up to like chapter 33 thereabouts for her to realise her true feelings. : ( Still a LONG way to go!!

It takes a while for them to get over it but they eventually do. Look at the below two pictures!! Don’t they just take your breath away??  Wow – if someone looked at me like that and vice versa, hard to think that we’re just friends! I mean, come on!?!!  *shakes head*

And OMG!! You would think that Ushio knows what’s going on here if she can say THAT!!! O_O I can’t really imagine saying that myself!!! Poor SUMI-chan!!!! There’s plenty of ups and downs heading their way…

Finally on a side note, when I was watching this episode, I couldn’t help but think of three online friends of mine for this scene (note: I didn’t change the subtitle – I just made it more visible):

HAHAHAHA!!! Oh and who would they be directing this question to?! Of course Sapphire Onee-chan!!! :P Ninnypanties, I made a conscious decision not to include you cos YOU know ALL TOO WELL what is the answer to that question!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA