I actually watched this episode ages ago when I was watching episode 9!! hahahaha It was like a series of episodes where you JUST COULDN’T STOP!!! hahahaha Hmm… I wonder what happened in episode 9…*chuckle* :P

So episode 11 started off pretty normal with Shizuka pressing down on Natsuru – yes that is normal!! I mean after that episode 9 and 10, can you expect anything less!?! ahahaha

But the rest of episode 11 completely threw me away!?! I’m suddenly thinking…”What the…!?! They’re glowing with light!?!?! When did this become DRAGONBALL!?!! or power rangers?!” Then their uniform began to rip and shred!?! *MASSIVE ROLL EYES MOMENT* hahahaha Geez – these animation companies, they don’t get very creative do they!?!?!

Well my eyes basically kept on widening and I kept on saying to myself, “what the…!?!!? CRAAAAZY!!” This anime has been pretty crazy but I think they went a bit overboard in this episode!!!

A bit OTT…this episode… *sobs* We’re heading to the end… : (  I wonder whether there is a good replacement in the new season!?!?!