If you thought going to the ladies bath would be the highlight of any ecchi anime, then you are SO WRONG!!! So after a quick fight over Natsuru in the ladies bathroom, there is ANOTHER CUH-RAZY SCENE!! X_X

Our male Natsuru gets a bit aggressive with kaichou!!!! Oh boy…this scene was…*speechless* Ummm…You can see for yourself!!

On second thoughts though, I’m a little sad where this is all heading. I mean, it’s all entertaining, but our yuri factor is fading away!!! Before, it was really only Kaede who was genuinely going for female Natsuru but she’s now SUPER DODGY!!! She’s hanging out with the white Kampfers AND she seems to have the power to hypnotize Natsuru!? What the heck is going on…!?!