Lessons learnt from Railgun:

  1. When on a date, get a different ice cream flavour, cos then you get to TRY your date’s!! HAHAHA
  2. Regular lifting of one’s skirt will be flu inducing. :P
  3. Beware of “concerned friends”. They may like checking to make sure that you are wearing panties!!! O_O
  4. Seeing someone you like acting all “imouto” and kawaii to others will make you feel like banging your head against the table. Poor Kuroko!!
  5. There are weird/crazy people out there! They may think that wiping someone’s body clean is a reward!!! O_O
  6. Kiss someone to wake them up from sleep…but you risk getting whacked!!! Might still be worth trying though!! :P
  7. Lingerie and bikinis…meh!! They’re the same thing!! So what’s wrong with stripping down to your lingerie in public!?!
  8. Curveless bodies…could still be dangerous!!! “Everyone has different tastes! There are women with twisted passions”!!! Now that’s a bit harsh!! What’s wrong with some yuri love!!??

Oh and above all, Kuroko was pretty damn cool in episode 9!!!

Today’s Kuroko is dangerous.