Edit: AAAAAAAH!!! Hahaha I’ve edited this post like THREE times!!! The first time I posted it, I was still half way through chapter 2 and I just kept going “Awww” + *squeal* ALL the way!! hahaha That’s it!! I’m buy the Japanese copy of this!!!! ahahahaha Hiyori Otsu is definitely one of my FAVOURITE mangakas!!! Hands down!!!

I have been SUPER busy lately!!! I apologize for my lack of posts!! I’m going to play massive catch up this weekend on all the anime!! In the meantime…


Read Hiyori Otsu’s manga, Clover!!! I’ve recommended this volume of short stories (about four sisters in the one family) but I’m mentioning it again cos Lililicious has released another two chapters!!! Chapter 2 and the extra chapter!!!!

Thank GOD we have Lililicious around!!! The world will be a lot more boring without these fantasy yuri stories!!

I’ve read them all and LOVE THEM to BITS!!!! hahahahaha Some parts are just MASSIVE AWWWWWWW MOMENTS!!! hahahahaha Not only are the stories good but I also love the art. Simple in style yet the characters remain attractive. I saw one picture and was like “Wow….” hahahaha

Let me know what you think!! I think this is a rare volume of yuri stories where the characters are slightly more mature, despite being students. Nice!!!! *WINK* hahahahaha

Aaaaaah! I’m so tempted to post pictures from the manga but that will just spoil things!!! PLease just go and read it!!!!!!!!