I’ve been SUPER busy!!! GOMEN!!! *sigh* I need to madly dash thru all the anime I’ve been slow on!!! X_X

Not a whole lot happens except that we get to gawk at kaichou!! hahahahaha Who wants to sign up to the “Mistress Shizuka, Please Violate Me” club!?!! Raise your hand please!! AHAHAHAHAHA

Hmm…so this is what happens in a date…*takes notes* HAHAHA kidding!!

And in accordance to the formula in Kampfer, if any ONE girl spends more than half an episode with Natsuru, you know what’s going to happen!! He’s going to get his ASS kicked by the other girls!!! hahaha I loved how Mamiko Noto said “ippen shinde miru?” AHAHAHAHA It’s the famous line from Hell Girl!! Now off to Railgun!!!