I think SK is simply getting better and better!! From a rather disappointing and heavy start, the recent episodes have really started to beef things up!!! *BEAM*

In this episode, not only do we see Sumi being trained to be a kawaii ‘ditz’ but there is also her first ‘ditz’ behaviour (O_O I almost choked on my glass of water in this “where are my glasses” scene!!!!) HAHAHAHHAAHA BUT, the bit that took my breath away was when Sumi is dressed in karate uniform and takes that massive ugly bloke!!! *FAINTS*

But this bathroom sequence must have been the ultimate highlight for this episode!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw Sumi saying “Oh geez! This girl is really killing me!!!” hahaahahaha The poor thing!! To be tempted like that!!! *sigh* Sumi’s too nice. As Tomoe and Miyako states it plainly:

Seems like the dependable best friend, Sumi-chan, has given “stupid boobs” unnecessary courage.

LOL!!! I was almost on the floor!!! hahahaha

Despite all the laughs throughout, there were sweet and sad moments between Sumi and Ushio – more sad than sweet though… : ( Hopefully things will change!!! I guess I can always read the manga which is REALLY starting to get INTERESTING!!!!! ^_________^

OMG!! I’m so SLOW!!! *dashes off to watch Kampfer!!!*