MAKIMAKI are AMAZING!!!! Remember to say thank you!!They have already scanlated chapter 27 in simple plain wonderful ENGLISH!!! No offence to any other languages of course but OMG, I REALLY need to READ this chapter!! I saw the raws and there’s WAY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much TEXT!!!! hahahaha

I thought this page was SUPER kawaii!!! hahahahaha I couldn’t help but laugh!!! LOL

BUT OMG, this next bit, almost made me SCREAM!!!! hahahahahaha GOOOOOOO AKKO!!!!!! ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!!! Hahahaha OK I won’t spoil it for you anymore!! GO READ IT!!!!!! YOU MUST!!!

Aaaaah! I just read another two pages and I’m like >_< x 999999999999!!! OMG!!!!! I think I’m going to be OMG-ing all the way in this chapter!!! HAHAHAHAHA I’ll knock you on the head if you don’t read this RIGHT THIS MOMENT!!!