This episode did not squeeze as many laughs out of me as previous episodes (but better than episode 6) ~ maybe the good ol’ tricks are starting to lose their impact!! haha But it was still an overall enjoyable episode! Hmm…must say though, without Saten-san’s valuable input on Uiharu’s choice of panties, things would have been a lot less interesting!!! HAHAHAHA

If you have this on, you can show off to everyone when I flip up your skirt, right?

Uh HUH!! YEAH SURE!!! hahahaha

Well MOVING on!!! Hmm…Kuroko’s voice is starting to get a TAD annoying!!!! X_X WAAAY too scratchy!! BUT, she is REALLY cool when she does her teleporting!! Oh and she’s pretty damn cute when she leaps onto Mikoto!!! Love that middle right picture!!!! ^_^

OK, next is Sasameki Koto episode 6!!! YAY!!!