Natsuru (the girl version) is invited to Sakura-san’s place!!!! YAY!!! Although the other two finds out and tags along (btw, did anyone notice the angle of the ‘camera’ in the top right hand corner scene?! So naughty!!! X_X), we get a good dose of laughs!!! All thanks to Sakura-san’s pocky game!!!!! AHAHAHAHA HILARIOUS!!!

Kampfer Ep7a

Kaichou and Miss Bandanna girl goes for it!!! Well more like the Kaichou does!!! hahaha Ninnypanties, I’m sure u loved THIS bit!!!! hahaha Gosh…it’s getting a bit HOT here!!! *grabs a fan!!* hahaha I loved Akane/Yui’s response: “You’re…amazing…!!” ^_^

Kampfer Ep7b

Aside from a few more scenes of fan services (loved how forthright Mikoto was with her intentions!!! HAHAHAHA!!), main development is the introduction of a WHITE Kampfer!! Who is this girl!?! Is she against both blue and red Kampfers!?! NO IDEA!!! But guess what!? She’s voiced by Kana Ueda!!! Yumi from Marimite!! HAHAHAHA YAY!!! Now I feel like watching Marimite!! hahaha

Kampfer Ep7c

Sorry guys!!! I have a been slow with reviews lately!!! Busy travelling!! Will be getting back on track soon!!! I’ve already got SK in hand so expect to hear from me soon!!! Ja!!