I don’t know why, but I’m REALLY liking Sumi’s voice!! It’s a tad tomboy-ish but at the same time feminine. LOL Does anyone agree? Or is there someone who hates her voice?! I hope not!!!

I was really 100% CRACKING UP in this episode!!! Sumi and Miyako are NUTS!!! I LOOOOOOOVE how Miyako pushes Sumi’s buttons and their parallel craziness towards Tomoe and Ushio!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA I seriously had a lot of problem trying to cut down on the pictures for this post!!! I screenshot like 120+ pics!!!! O_O

SK Ep5d

Oh and when they’re both fantasizing about their significant other!!!!!! HAHAHA This scene brought me STRAIGHT back to Rie Kugimiya and Romi Park’s interview!!! “Do you want dinner? Do you want to take a bath? Or do you want…me?” HAHAAHAHA

SK Ep5b

Seeing them to compete was also pretty funny! We even got to see Sumi in a maid’s outfit!!!! Awww!!! The comical faces of the gang really made me LAUGH out loud!!! Especially when Tomoe and Miyako could SEE RIGHT THROUGH what was in Sumi’s mind!!!! LOL “STOP READING INTO MY THOUGHTS” x 5!! hahahaha

SK Ep5c

But it wasn’t ALL about Sumi and Miyako!! PHEW! We caught a cute glimpse of Ushio who was crying about not seeing Akemiya-chan!!! hahahaaha The poor guy!! I’m surprised Sumi did not rush off and throw a dress onto him in the next second!!!

SK Ep5a

Finally, for those budding students that are reading my blog, this is for YOU guys!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE

Ushio - concentrate

But in Sapphire’s case, I would tweak this to…AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Gosh I’m starting to really enjoy mucking around with pictures!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

SK E5-Sapphire