What’s with school carnivals and maid cafes?!?!? I wonder whether they seriously do this in Japan!?!! hahahaha If I had the opportunity, I might go…. *looks left right* and drag along k1y0!!! hahahahahaha *wink* We’ll be there with our cameras!!! hahaha JUST KIDDING!!! The kaichou continues to be a teaser… *faints*

Kampfer Ep6b

Then there’s the good old ghost house trick! No WAY will I go into one!! My last experience was BAAAAAAD!! I just included it here for pure amusement!! I thought Natsuru had some interesting poses!!! hehehehe Oh and that the whole thing was planned by Sakura-san!!! This girl is sooooo not innocent as she looks!!!

Kampfer Ep6c

Finally, there’s a new kampfer on the block!!! With a nose-bleeding entrance, she transforms to a silver hair girl with a Japanese sword as a weapon. Oh dear… now it’s four girls all over Natsuru!! Sadly, Sakura-san is our one & only yuri girl!!! “Please spend the night with me!” O_O WOAH!!! She’s a bold one!!!! GO SAKURA-SAN!!!!!

Kampfer Ep6d

Oh and they finally slipped another seiyuu joke in!!! YAY!! This time it’s Mamiko Noto!!!!! HAHAHAHAA I hope she speaks more!! I haven’t seen one of her works in a while!! *pauses* Hmm…there was Canaan but…*memory returns* X_X Aaah!! Remove memory!!! I did not enjoy her character there at all!!!!! MOVING ON!!!!