OMG!! Cosplay!! hahaha This seems to be a typical part of any yuri story! Reminds me of K-ON! for a second but this one is obviously a lot more steamier!! hahaha Hmm…is it just me but is Natsuru starting to get the hang of all this?! It’s almost like he’s enjoying it!! hehehe Why can’t he just stay a girl!?!? GRRRRR!!

Kampfer Ep5a

Oh and we can never have more than enough of those “Oops! I accidentally fell on top of you” and “heroine saves the day” moments!! hahahaha *pause* Hmm…when I saw that top right hand pic and read “fetishists”, I first thought of Ninnypanties but then when I looked at it again, I swear it looks like the evil yuri twins!!! Sayu and Ninnypanties!!! Oh and who are they secretly FILMING!?!? O_O AHAHAHAHAAHAHA Oh I have so much fun making these pics!!!! AHAHAHAHA

Kampfer Ep5d

Now moving on, *back to serious self*, can the kaichou get any cooler?!?! And she such a TEASE!!!!! CRAAAAAAAAAAZY!! She’s like a cross between a naughty Sachiko and Shizuma from SP!!! hahahaha But d@mn! I wish Natsuru STAYED as a girl!!! Aaaaaaah!!

Kampfer Ep5b

Now I heard episode 6 is EVEN better…hehehe This anime is pretty damn funny!!! HAHAHA