LOL In this episode I felt like I was seeing moments of myself!! hahahahaha Like…

  • “Can’t you do at least one push-up??” – ahahahaha umm…I haven’t tried in a LONG time!!! haha
  • And the forgetful memory of Kuroko…promise? What promise!?! hahahahaha The poor thing…it’s not her fault she’s a bit forgetful…!!!

Oh and look how cute Uiharu and Kuroko are in chibi style?!?! hehehehe When I see Uiharu’s jaw dropped face, I can’t but think that she’s saying:

What do you mean there’s no more yuri anime/manga for this year?!!

THAT would be MY face!!! hahahahahaha Oh and I had to include a picture of that senpai!! Very cool!! At least to me! *BEAM*

Railgun Ep4a

Railgun Ep4b

But the highlight to this episode was definitely our next dose of skirt lifting!! It’s like Saten-san’s daily dose of vitamins or something!?!? O_O ahahahaha She completely cracked me up when she said:

Let me find her lucky four leave clover! (My reaction: O_O)

The view from here is great!

I wonder whether Saten-san is like this in the manga!? Anyone care to tell us?! I have no idea how the crazy Japanese comes up with these ideas??!

Railgun Ep4c

Ok – enough of me rambling, I’ve been told I HAVE TO HAVE TO watch Kampfer!!!! Off I go!!!