This episode was pretty light hearted all the way! There were only a few BRIEF moments of *doki doki* and pain. : (

SK Ep4a

But OMG! I love the bottom right hand side picture!! *SQUEAL*!!!! So SWEET!! Look how protective Sumi’s position is!?! Couldn’t let go of the view from the back view either!! hahahaha It’s called desperation!!

SK Ep4b

Other than those two moments, the rest was mostly laughing material. Quite a few “manga” moments as I like to call it. The poor guy Akemiya! To be forced by Sumi to dress up as a girl and go confessing love to others!! LOL There’s a bit where s/he asks the girl whether s/he can be her onee-chan!! hahaha That made me think of Sapphire-oneechan!!! AHAHAHA Makes us call her onee-chan all the time!!! AHAHAHAHA

SK Ep4c

OOOOOh!! And an official yuri pair on screen!! *SQUEAL* Please welcome Miyako x Tomoe!! Tomoe has such a “prince charming” feel to her! hahaha Oh and Miyako being the “seems like a princess but is really a devil-ish brat”!! I think I will enjoy watching this pair in the background! ^_^

SK Ep4d

The BEST bit in this episode was when Miyako x Tomoe was push Sumi’s buttons!! HEHEHEHE Your secret has been REVEALED!!! Oh and of course the club bit!! Anyone think ‘Marimite’?? hahaha Sumi’s reaction was HILARIOUS!!!

I hope we get to see more development on Ushio’s side soon… : (