Where do I start!? Just judging by my pictures, you can tell that I was pretty crazy about this episode!! OOOOOH They’ve thrown in a guy into the mix of girls!! hahaha He’s surprisingly OK! HAHAHA I mean, he’s some dorky guy that’s willing to dive into a crowd of thugs to save “brat”!! hahahaha

Railgun Ep4a

AND BEST OF ALL…he can make Mikoto BLUSH!!!! **SQUEAL** hahahahahaha Kawaii!! k1y0!! I’m sure you were excited by THIS bit!!! hahahaha *WINK*

Railgun Ep4d

Honestly, I don’t mind watching this guy at all! I loved how Mikoto THOUGHT she could electrocute him through holding him but NO! hahahaaha They just ended up HOLDING HANDS!!! :P I hope this guy stays around! I would love to see whether Kuroko and him would get along!!! hehehehehe I DOUBT IT!!

Railgun Ep4c

Whilst Mikoto is having her fun with the new guy (hehe), the rest of the gang is fretting over the chances of her transforming into a STRIPPER LADY! O_O Now THAT caught Kuroko’s attention!!!

Railgun Ep4b

Oooooh I think episode 5 will be out in a few hours!! YAY!!! ^_^