What’s it with yuri anime these days?! First Railgun, then Kampfer!? LOL Always onto lingerie!!! hahahaha Again, this episode didn’t fail to get a couple hysterical laughs out of me!! hahahaha

Round 1: Suggestive or what!?! LOL I can’t help but laugh watching Yui Horie as the foul-mouthed Akane!!! HAHAHA

Kampfer Ep4a

Round 2: Three girls and a guy? I mean THREE girls going for 1 girl?! NIGHTMARE!!!! hahahahaha

Kampfer Ep4c

BUT the BEST part of the episode must be…HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

Round 3: A lesson on lingerie…action speaks louder than words!!! AHAHAHA

Kampfer Ep4b

Oh Kampfer is turning out to be quite amusing!!!! I’m liking it quite a bit!! hahahaha Oooooh! I want to watch episode 5!!!! >_<