Thanks to Heartless Eponine (what will we do without you!?!), someone has posted a spoiler on MakiMaki Scanlations! *JAW DROP* No guarantees as to how genuine it is but it sounds reasonable enough!!! READ at your OWN RISK!!! I READ IT!!! I got too desparate!!!! >_<

To read, highlight the below paragraph!!

Akko goes to Sugi for advice. Sugi is as tactful as ever (“About this person you like: do you want to do them?”), but basically tells Akko that if she waits toお long to act then someone else may steal the person she likes away. Akko sneaks off to find that heart-shaped stone that’s supposed to help make your love come true. Turns out Mari has gone to look for it as well, and they find it at about the same time. Akko works up the nerve (oh god yes finally) to tell Mari “Just being friends is no good. I love you. Please go out with me.” The blurb for the next chapter is basically ‘And now it’s all up to Mari.

Now for the RAWS!! I still can’t find them. Not that I’m angry at the person who uploads them cos they’re doing us a HUGE massive favour already. I should have gone to order the magazine…argh…!!!