Don’t get me wrong…I’m still enjoying the anime just that…*sigh*…how should I say it…kind of slow? I wish they’d just speed things up! Maybe Aoi Hana used up all my patience (Girl Friends too!!) so all I want to see are the two girls get together!!!! Why is it always so hard? But, despite this tiny bit of frustration, Sasameki Koto, still gave us a good couple of laughs. *BEAM*

Manga moments –> hahahahhahaha I must say that I prefer Ushio’s manga version over Sumi’s! :P She’s TOOOO CUTE!! Look at that one in the middle with her SPARKLY EYES!! YEP! She’s DEFINITELY dead set on finding that special GIRL to KISS!!! hahahaha

Sasameki Ep3a

But my favourite MANGA moment must be this one!!! HAHAHAHA The poor guy is actually quite cute!!  Akemiya-chan!!! I think you should look elsewhere!! Sumi’s heart is taken!!

Sasameki Ep3b

After all those hilarious moments, there is finally a touching sweet moment between the two. I love all the sunsets that appears in this anime…but…sometimes it feels like a tiny tiny bit of overkill?! hahahaha Sumi’s quote is cute too!!

Sasameki Ep3d

Oh and I’m just throwing these two pictures in cos Sumi just looks TOOOOO KAKKOI!!!! OMG! Her in her karate outfit!!! haahahahaha I can see why Akemiya-chan is swept off his feet by her!!!! HOHOHOHOHOHOHO

Sasameki Ep3c

*Dashes off to see episode 4 Kampfer!!*