OMG!!! tsukimori has flagged to me of RUMOURS of an ANIME of GIRL FRIENDS from a Spanish BLOG!!!

GF - as anime

It roughly translates to (sorry I used Yahoo translator so not that great but you get the idea!!):

After the great success and great effect that the sleeve produced girl friends towards the readers, the first season was announced of animates sera removed at the end of February according to its author Milk Morinaga. ohh siii! we hope that it even leaves soon so that we pruned to enjoy this wonderful history pretty Akko and Mari, although itself waiting for chapter 26 of the sleeve so that Morinaga-sempai makes us suffer.

OMG!! So is this TRUE!?!? I DON’T KNOW!! I will investigate!! Along with Mikoto and Kuroko!! hahaha

Kuroko x Mikoto