Ok – while we all wait on the edge of our seats for Chapter 26 of Girl Friends to appear in cyperspace, one of my regular visitors here, Heartless Eponine, has made us a video clip that is a subtitle parody on the Angry German Kid video with…how should I describe it…a underlying presence of Girl Friends?! AHAHAHA Oh it’s hard to explain! Watch it yourself! For those wearing headphones, make sure you turn down the volume a little!!! Screeching GERMAN is NOT pleasant!!! You have been warned!!! hahahahaha

Oh and the German kid? Disturbing…. >_<

To Heartless Eponine, may I suggest that next time you want to make a video, can you make a sweet one of Akko x Mari? Pleeeeease? hahahaha In the meantime, I’ll accept this German kid version! hahahaha Thanks for dedicating it to me!!! A bit over whelming!!! haah THANK YOU!!