Well compared to episode 2, the “yuri-ness” of this episode has dropped quite significantly but then fair enough!! It was one massive treat!!! Packed to the brim with fuwa fuwa yuri!! LOL *thinks back to Kuroko’s CRAZY lingerie collection!!!* AHAHAHAHA *cough cough* OKAY…moving on… :P

Isn’t Saten-san cute here?! I was bit disappointed that she didn’t….*whispers*…flip Uiharu’s dress!!! ahahahahaaha Ooooh and there’s another kakkoi girl on the show!! Not sure whether she’ll be staying on regularly but isn’t Komori-senpai kind of “knees-go-weak” material!?! ahahahaha Striking blue eyes too!! *faints*

Railgun Ep3a

Back to the story, this episode was more of general laughs rather than focusing on fanservice yuri. The students of the prestigious Tokiwadai school is being attacked and the assailant is just B-R-U-T-A-L!!! O_O I mean, look at those BROWS!!!! ROFL!! But the cool bit was when they had to trap the girl down. KAKKOI!!! *SQUEAL*!!! I’m just too easy to please I think. *changes to serious voice* “This game of tag is over now.” hahahaha

Railgun Ep3b

Finally the 25 minute show finishes off with a touch of yuri (of course)!! HAHA This poor girl is the long lost twin of Mugi-chan from K-ON!!! Or at least a distant cousin who slightly blushes on the cheeks (just enough for my HD quality yuri goggles to pick up) as Saten-san compliments them as her charm point! Seriously, Saten-san, you could have come up with something better!?! I guess at least she didn’t say they look like pickles!!! hehehehe

Railgun Ep3c
This episode was slightly disappointing cos we were just spoilt rotten in episode 2 but otherwise, it was still fun to watch. Maybe we’ll get massive yuri doses every 2 episodes!?! hahaha *wishful thinking*