Picture 4

LOL!!! The “Marimite” beginning CRACKED ME UP!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Marimite in Kampfer!! Now I SOOOOO did NOT expect that!!! hahahahahaha!!

And right off the bat, we get a love confession from Sakura-san!! Honestly I’m impressed by this girl! She LOOKS soft and mild but she’s so not!! I like her character!! It’s strong and does what she wants to do!!! Yep!! Just go steal Natsuru!!! The GIRL one!!! :P

Kampfer Ep3a

This episode was pretty funny overall!! Natsuru starts student life as a girl and does she attract attention or what!?!? hehehe He gets caught up in some tight moments!! Someone go help him!! I mean HER!! Some of the key moments below!! And how could I forget Akane!!? Everytime she speaks I think of Yui Horie recording her voice!! hahahahaha

Kampfer Ep3b

Now, it’s time for Railgun 3…hahaha Aaaaaah!! Too much to watch!!!