Before I jump straight into the post, after watching this episode, I took 104 screenshots!!!!! O_O hahaha I blame it for the sub-par quality of the video I was watching from!! :P But I guess that just means I’m consistent!?! (I took like 100 pics for episode 1 too!!) hahahaha Now BACK to the anime…

In this episode I finally feel like the characters in the manga have come to life on our screen!!!! Some moments were like a page from the manga!! haha SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! But I think one of THE KEY highlights of this episode was seeing Kazama’s infatuation with cute girls!!! Her expressions were PRICELESS!!! SUPER funny!!! I think my favourite is ^_^ (pic)!! The cell phone one is not bad too!!! HEHEHEHEHEHE I’ve always loved that face and will now love it even more!!!! hahaha OMG – I think I need to set it as my wallpaper!! I’d laugh everytime I see it!!! hahahaha

Sasameki Ep2a

There were also a heap of “AWWW”, touching and CUTE moments!! Again, the scene where Ushio is talking about how great Sumi is but finishes with “you’re not my type”, they turned “MANGA”!!!! hahahahaha The “manga” moments I find are slipped in at the perfect times in this episode!!! They’re like a perfect touch!!

Sasameki Ep2b

There were still a few heavier moments in this episode but they were balanced out by lighthearted moments throughout.

I wish I was born cuter…that way Kazama would look at me more.

She’s always in a one-way relationship…if I can help her…I can’t…she told me I can’t.

No matter how many times I get turned down…I still like her.

Now onto the other funny parts of the episode!!!! hehehe I can’t believe the guy said THAT!! Clearly made Sumi’s day!!! HAHAHA She looked like she was drunk as she walked away!! hahaha Quite cute!! Oh and the guy is kind of cute too! Even when he’s into cross dressing!!! hahahaha

Sasameki Ep2c

LAST but not LEAST!!! Let’s end this post on a funny note!!! *BEAM* WHAT A CLASSIC!!!! hahahahaha Sumi better work on choosing some frilly outfits!! Even if she is 175cm, I’m sure she can still look KAWAII!!!! :P

Sasameki Ep2d

Loved this episode!!! I’m liking the whole mood of it now!!!! YAY!!!! Everyone all liked this episode more?!?! Come on!! Tell me what you thought!!!

P.S. How many times was the word “kawaii” said in this episode!?!? LOL I lost count!! hahahaha